Finding the Right Model: Connecticut Lifestyle Photography

Portrait of snowboarding girl

Finding the right models for lifestyle photography shoots is always interesting.  Sometimes, depending upon our client’s budget and needs, we can cast professional models for a role.  Other times times, especially with athletic and sports photography, we’d rather cast models who are good at the sport as opposed to someone who is good at modeling, like we did for our Cannondale lifestyle shoot.

Finding the right combination of looks, talent, and availability for some of the projects we work on can be difficult especially when it’s someone who is not used to modeling.  It’s not an easy job to be in front of the camera all day long.  Trust me, I’ve got the better end of the deal when it comes to what side of the camera I’m on. So when we were approached by Lift Lyne to photograph their ski lift safety harness in action, we needed to exhaust all of our resources in order to help us in finding the right model.

This little girl made it easy.  Not only was she a great skier and her parents didn’t mind taking her out of school a little early to go to Powder Ridge on a Monday afternoon, but her smile never faded.  All day long.


Portrait of girl having fun while skiing.

Image of daddy and daughter on ski lift

Image of girl skiing at Powder Ridge.

Image of dad and daughter on ski lift

Lifestyle Portrait of girl skiing in CT.





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