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New From Coppola Photography— Conceptual Project: Frozen

Inspired by the features and benefits of hard-sided coolers, Coppola Photography set out to sharpen our advertising photography skills and create a series of images, amplified with CGI, that showcased some of the product features in a humorous and visually compelling way that is engaging, memorable, and effective in marketing the product to potential customers. The result of this creative project is three unique ad campaign concepts. These concepts can also be adapted to other colorways and cooler use scenarios.

If your brand is looking to make a splash with some witty marketing content this summer, send us an email. We’d love to discuss ways that Coppola Photography can support your brand with unique marketing imagery. 

Concept One: Ice, Ice, Baby

Man and woman on a beach, woman is pulling a drink out of a cooler but surprisngly the drinks are encased in ice because the cooler is so cold.

Concept Two: Hot to Cold

Series Image 1 of 3: Man and Woman on the beach enjoying the day with a cooler and insulated beverage holders.
Series Image 2 of 3: The cooler next to the man and woman opens is emitting cold weather (snow/ice). They are surprised.
Series Image 3 of 3: The cooler has turned the whole beach scene frozen, and the man and woman are still in their swim wear, but are freezing cold.

Concept Three: Chromatic Style

No alt text provided for this image

Thank you to our collaborators on this project:

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